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Another creepy escape game where you find yourself in pretty terrible conditions – you are chased by violent Piggy and she is here to kill you! On the other hand, the game leaves you a chance to play for Piggy yourself – in such case, your task is to catch other players, keep them from escaping the creepy house, and make traps to control them. Both roles are equally entertaining, so you will definitely adore them, whatever you play. The game is pretty mysterious and strange – the plot behind the events is blurry and dark. It seems like you are trapped in a house with real monsters that act similar to animatronics from the well-known horror-tile FNaF. These are the pigs and the events happen in the house where Mr. Pig was seen for the last time before he disappeared without a trace. You wake up here and try to avoid collisions with the Pigs.
The game allows you to interact with the environment and gather various objects. However, you can own more than one object at the same time – whenever you try to take something, the previous item will be dropped. The Piggy is tricky, but you can fight her because among the gatherable items there are weapons. You cannot kill Piggy and there is no such task for you – use the items to make her fall down until you run away. On this page, you will find cheats with additional items, teleports, respawns, and other things and features you surely need to escape the violent Piggy. Try them all out for free and enjoy your new playing experience with cool cheats! They are easy to download and install – juts place the files to the same folder where the game is and activate them after you launch it. Have fun!

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