Roblox Piggy Ending

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So you want to know how the horrible story of Piggy ends? Well, if you want to outplay the last chapter, you are at the right place. Just be careful and stop reading this text in case you didn’t play the game before and don’t want to know what happened in the end! This text contains spoilers, so stop reading now if you don’t want them. The game currently has nine chapters and to say the truth, the story doesn’t end here. There is no final closing even still, but the ninth chapter leads you to the rooftop, where you see two characters – Pony and Zizzy. They are pretty nice to you and they want to help. These characters invite you to the safe place and you come with them, telling your story of a policeman and listening to their stories as well. It is a pretty sad scene.
Zizzy and Pony, just like you, used to live their lives and doing something valuable – learning and helping people – before the catastrophe started. You understand them, because you have been working as a police officer and what is more – you couldn’t prevent the current situation anyhow, even though you are obliged to save the citizens. The chapter ends suddenly when you enter the yard and hear the strange noise – it seems like someone is hiding in the bin of trash and there is nothing good you expect from that sound…

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