Roblox Piggy New

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After George Pig has disappeared, you decided to find out more about this case and investigate it. You work for police and your task is to find all the details. You start from the house where George was seen the last time. When you arrive at the location and leave your car, you hear some strange noises coming out of the bushes near the house. The pig comes out and kicks you really hard, so you lose consciousness. After you wake up in the unknown bedroom hardly remembering why you are here, you realize that you are stuck in the house where George was seen for the last time in new update chapter. And, supposedly, the place where George was killed. You manage to run away and come back to the office, but there is nobody there. The only person you find is the officer called Doggy and he informs you that the office is attacked by the monsters. You ride away on your car, but you run out of gas in the middle of the street, realizing that the monsters are there as well and they are flooding the city.
Doggy and you try to get out of the city and your destination is the Forest. You need three long weeks to get there, so the journey starts. When you get to the Forest, you find out that all of the horrible creatures you have seen before were people that you knew – your friends, colleagues, family members, and other city dwellers. They just behaved in a very strange way and tried to kill you! What was that? You don’t know what happened to them and how to deal with the catastrophe. Being exhausted, you and Doggy decide to have some sleep, but when you suddenly wake up in the middle of the night, you realize that he is gone. He comes back a bit later and you realize that he is a monster now as well. So there are no human beings left here and you are the last survivor. You run away just to get to another trouble – the found mobile phone belongs to someone you must know, because Mister P., your colleague, is talking there. When you answer, he asks you to go to the local school where his friend is stuck in a great trouble being attacked by the monsters. You go there and find out that the local teacher is not a monster as well and Bunny, a young girl, has locked herself in one of the cabinets to escape her wrath. Each person that turns into a monster, including your friend Doggy and the teacher, has drunk some kind of a potion and you see the bottles here and there, realizing that this potion has something to do with the horrible infection… Will you uncover this mystery and save your friends?

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