Roblox Piggy Traitor Mode

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The Piggy Roblox title looks so mysteriously and strange, that we bet you had no doubts: there is a story behind all of these events. And you were right! There controversies and different interpretations of this story, but the main line focuses on the strange things that start happening in a town. You will play for a police officer that needs to investigate a murder of a man called George Pig. He has disappeared and nobody knows where he is. The witness reported that George was seen in a country house for the last time. Of course, your duty is to head to this house and try to see if there are any hints about his current state and location. Maybe, he was killed there? And what if his kidnappers are still there? You don’t know and realize the danger, but you decide to enter the house. But before you do that, a pig runs out of the bushes and hits you. Then you wake up inside of the house. Now you need to get out of here and this is your first mission in new Traitor Mode.
When you accomplish this task, you ride to the police office only to find out that something horrible and unexplainable happened. Everyone except your buddy Dog are absent. He uses a speaker to inform you: there us a monster in the office and you need to escape. You must open the garage and get your car to ride away. You meet Doggy and you run away together. When you are trying to get out, your car gets stuck in the middle of the street – there is no gas and you cannot find the fuel. You are being attacked by the monsters, but cannot do anything. Then you sneak out of the car and hide in the gallery. After that, your way heads you to the forest, where a tragic even happens – Doggy turns into a monster as well. You start suspecting that this virus that turns everyone around into monsters in not natural at all – it is made by the human hands and you already know who is guilty. But everything you can do is to suppose before you find out the whole truth. From that moment, your task is to save those who managed to survive somehow, find the source of the infection, and stop it as fast as possible before all the dwellers turn into horrible monsters. Do your bets and be attentive to everything that you notice – there are hints everywhere, you just need to be careful and ready for anything.

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