Piggy Roblox Drawing

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Piggy from Roblox horror game is a strange creature of the unknown origin. She might be some horrible experiment, a haunted doll, dressed person, evil robot programmed to kill, or ever the angel of death. It is unknown, but there is only one thing about Piggy you can be assured of – she will murder you at the moment you get at her way. And Piggy will lock you in the house, torture you, search for you around the rooms, make traps, and murder you. The original game is presented on the Roblox platform and welcome all the local gamers to take part in the deadly hide and seek where you have a chance to survive, but it is pretty small. You can play for the victim of Piggy as well as for her – chasing other players and trying to catch them. The game also can prescribe the role of Piggy to the AI, which means that all real players are going to be in the same conditions. Be ready that the real player controlling Piggy can be tricky – it is hard to predict his/her actions. At the same, chances are, that he/she will make more mistakes and fail to outthink every step. This is not going to happen to the AI-Piggy, though. She will learn from your previous decisions.
This is how the original Piggy game looks. But there are fan-version of one of them is in front of you. This is Piggy Drawing, a creative game where you have all the basic instrument to pain your favorite horrible character! Choose the colors, make her look even cuter to fool her poor victims. And to let her stay what she is, don’t forget to add some drops of blood on her cute dress as well as a massive weapon in her small hands. Draw your own Piggy and invent other characters that could be parts of this creepy and mysterious universe. Do you have any ideas? Then let them flow! Create and share your masterpieces with other drawers and your buddies online. Don’t forget to check the other installations that feature Piggy and enjoy this strange story from all sides. We have more, so continue discovering the section and have fun!

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