The Floor Is Lava

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Hey, you must be aware of such a cute and funny kids’ game called The Floor Is Lava. This game is very simple – one of the kids sitting in the room announces that the floor is actually lava and the floor becomes a “dangerous place”. Now the children are not allowed to make steps on the floor. You can walk and stand on the sofas, chairs, armchairs, tables, and other objects in the room. But not the floor! The one who touches the floor, gets burned up. Well, because the lava is pretty hot, you know! The real-life game can be connected with some small and funny tasks you need to accomplish without breaking the main rule – touching the floor. If you do, the game ends for you!
The members of the Roblox community have created a great game that turns the amazing Floor Is Lava game into the digital environment. This is a funny survival game where you have a chance to discover dozens of maps and locations, keeping yourself away from the hot orange substance on the floor. Because, yes, the floor is lava! And you will lose the game at the moment you touch it! Try the game now and you will be amazed by the number of amazing and even unexpected locations that are surely perfect for such a nice game. Try to accomplish all the tasks without hitting the hot substance and keeping your character alive for as long as you can! Enjoy the free game and avoid too hot surfaces! Remember – only one touch of the lava surface and you die! The game will end if you will break this rule, but there are no other rules except keeping away from the floor.

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