Roblox Piggy 3

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4.3 stars

Piggy is already here. She sees you, she walks after you, she knows your next steps. Can you handle a horrible rival like that? Piggy wears a cute dress and holds an axe in her hands. She has locked you in a large mansion, where there is no way out. She hears your steps and even your breath. She will definitely tear you into pieces once she sees you. Will you manage to escape alive?
The game is a survival horror where you need to do your best and exit the building of Piggy where you are locked. To do so, there is a need to solve numerous puzzles, tackle the tasks, and open all the doors that lead to freedom. You are not the only prisoner here, but there are other gamers from the server, so you are welcome to cooperate and try to get out together. Piggy will chase you, running around the house. The comrades locked in a house with you can become your friend and helpers. You should avoid Piggy at all costs if you can. The game also allows you to play for her if you want to – this is especially great when you join the game along with your buddies and one of you plays for Piggy. The opposition is serious and dangerous.
The game continues until all the prisoners find a way out and survive in a horrible bloody race. Another outcome – Piggy manages to catch you all and slaughter you in small pieces. The final result depends on you. There are objects that will help you solve the tasks and get through the challenges, open new doors, and overcome Piggy. Be attentive when you move around the rooms and gather whatever you believe is useful. Remember that you can carry a limited amount of objects – one or two only. Do your best and survive in this story! Or else – kill everyone if you play for Piggy. The Roblox creator have made a full-fledged and detailed world where you will have to find your way out or finally defeat all the annoying people. Do your best – the game is extremely thrilling and emotional! Play it for free right now, on this page, and have fun! Don’t get too frightened if you can!

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