Roblox Piggy 2

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4.2 stars

Piggy is back! Are you ready to meet her again? This is a real horror story with unpredicted plot because it unwraps itself in the real time! You will find yourself in the large mansion where Piggy lives. You have no idea about the way you appeared here. One day, you just wake up and find yourself trapped in the most mysterious place ever. Not only this place is mysterious, but extremely strange and dangerous. Luckily, you are not alone – there are other players entrapped here as well. They are your comrades and all of you have chances to stay alive in the horrible opposition against Piggy. You will find yourself in a deadly hide and seek game. This will end with something really tragic if you will fail to get out of the mansion. Of course, if you choose to play for the survivor entrapped by Piggy, the strangest and most violent creature you have ever met. Piggy is here to kill and you are here to stay alive. Who will win?
The game starts when you and other players find yourself locked in a large house. This is true in case you choose to play for the ordinary people. There is another option – you become Piggy, a hunter. Doing so, you do everything to chase, catch, and kill other players. The game allows you to pick the role yourself and this is especially great in case you play with your buddies. One of you will become a murderer and the others will do everything to avoid being killed. Each of the parts can use items and weapons, so whatever you choose, be sure that you gather all the useful things on your way.
The game has no plot – everything depends on your actions and skills. Will you manage to fulfill your task? No matter which one have – to kill or protect yourself from a maniac in the suit of a pig. She will chase you running around the corridors and rooms, trying to hit you with an axe. Your task is to survive and what is more – gather objects and solve puzzles in process. Do your best to fulfill the role you choose in this game. Whether you play for Piggy or desperate survivors, you will have to do your best! The game is available for the collective play.

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