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Maybe, one of the most popular genres of today’s gaming world is a simulator. No wonder – they are absolutely amazing. A simulator game allows you to become someone you cannot be in the real life! Sometimes, you lack skills, sometimes you are not sure that something is for you (by the way, a good simulator will help you to find out if that is really so). There are also simulators that not only allow us to try something we would like to try. Oh, things are much more interesting – some sim games allow us to become someone we don’t want to be! That’s a pretty nice experience and a great chance to experience something that you would never do. On this page, you will find the best and the most highly-rated simulator games created by the members of the Roblox community.
For instance, how about trying yourself as a ride of the ice cream van? Indeed, driving simulators are very popular, but most of them allow you to sit inside of a sport car or a monstrous track. Make a calm and nice ride on your ice-cream machine and gladden kids with sweet treat. Also, you are welcome to try yourself as a world creator in the God simulator – create the entire universe, see it developing, make changes, take things under control, or simply watch it without interruptions. How about a body building simulator? This is a very nice game for all the lazy guys! You can at least start working on your muscles digitally and maybe this will become a first step before you enter the gym. How about a Job Simulator, maybe, the best Roblox game ever existed? Enter the utopian world of computers where they try to find out what does it mean to be a human and so some “jobbing”. Fool around at the office, make jokes of your boss, and falsify the working process to the absurd! Then, don’t forget that there is a Vacation Simulator, where you have a chance to switch from “work” to “holidays” and try to see the world from a perspective of robotic creatures – computers that know so much about us, but don’t understand a thing. Have fun with the best simulator games from Roblox and enjoy them all here for free!

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