Roblox Piggy Alpha

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Are you ready to face the true evil face to face? Then enter this horror survival title that is a perfect combination of Granny and… Peppa the Pig! Are you surprised of the cocktail like that? Well, just take a look at the game and you will see that escaping from cute-looking piggy is no less frightening than trying to get out from a crazy Grandma. The main task here is to complete all the tasks presented by the game, wandering around the large locked mansion. However, there is no way you will easily cope with puzzles, because an evil Piggy is watching you and she will try to kill you. Avoid meeting her at all costs and try to deal with the tasks on your way. Also, mind that the time is limited and you need to complete everything without dying fast enough. In the game, you are welcome to play for a victim or for Piggy herself. If you choose the last option, you will have to run around the house trying to kill the players and stop them from leaving the house.
In case you choose to play for one of the runners, make sure to find all the required objects and then leave this hellish plays. This is something like a bloody hide and seek game – Piggy will try to find you and get you. What is more, she can make traps, so you should be careful and watch your step not to get locked somewhere! Luckily, you can fight Piggy and use various types of weapons to knock her down at least for a short period. There are bones, carrots, and even guns to use as your weapons, so make sure to have them at hand. This will allow you to get rid of Piggy at least for a couple of moments and therefore – run away and hide. The game includes four various modes: the game chooses one of you randomly to play for Piggy; the AI plays for Piggy; the AI plays the Piggy and chooses another AI character to help the players escape; the game chooses a random player to become Piggy and when she kills one of the players, he/she becomes the next Piggy.
There are different items you can find, carry, and use during the game. You can have only one object with you at a time. Whenever you try to take another object when you already have one, the game will force you to drop the previous one and only then you will own the new object. Your inventory consists of one thing only, so whenever you find another one, it is replaced automatically. Some of the items disappear after you use them, the other appear on the map when a player dies. If someone owned an object and Piggy killed him/her, then his item will respawn somewhere on the field and other gamers will have a chance to take it. Play now and have fun!

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