Roblox Piggy Chapter 10

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In the ninth chapter of Piggy Roblox game, you find yourself on the roof. Previously, you have seen one of your friends that didn’t turn into bloody monster yet – this is Pony and she says that she will bring you to the safe place. She has found one and you follow her to get there. You also meet your another friend – Zizzy and she says that there really is a safe place here, but the building is not empty – there are people there. As you believe that you can hide inside of the house, you start searching for an entrance, but everything is not that easy – the house seems to be blocked and closed from all sides. In this chapter, you need to find the entrance faster than the chasing monsters will find you and kill you.
When you enter the yard through the gates, Zizzy asks where you were all of this time and what were you doing when the disaster started. You say that you worked on your task as a police officer and continue walking. They tell you their stories as well and share their ruined dreams – Zizzy used to be a fencing coach and Pony wanted to follow her dad’s steps and become an optometrist. In this chapter, you already know that Mister P. is connected with the events in the worst possible way and explain to the girls that you are trying to find and stop him to prevent more victims. He gives potion to survivors and they become monsters. Zizzy warns you that you should better stay in the safe place for a while and continue the investigation later, because you risk to die. But your conversation stops at some moment – you hear the strange noises and realize that something is coming out of the darkness… Someone is watching you and Pony tries to warn you that you need to keep yourself safe. Then the horrible and bloody events continue. Try to survive in the ninth chapter of Piggy Roblox and escape from the monsters that are hiding near to you. Watch the trash bin and listen to the strange noises carefully. Good luck and do your best not to die!

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